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Adriana Jacobson,

Naturopathic Doctor

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What can Adriana do for you!

I help children, adults, and pets with totally natural remedies that have NO side effects, with:

Stress, Anxiety, Fear
Panic Attacks
ADD, ADHD, Autism
Speech Difficulties
Learning Skills
Anger, Violent Behavior, bullying
Self Esteem
Abandonment Issues

And Much more.

I help children and adults to find nutritional deficiencies and discover what they really need to balance their body naturally.

I provide a highly effective DRUG FREE therapy cleansing and stimulate the Lymph System. These sessions help the body to eliminate toxins, heavy metals and re-balance, renew, and cleanse the entire organ system of your body; eliminate most toxic substances stored in your cells, muscles and fat; Increase your energy, oxygen levels, vibrancy for life and more.

I provide products to neutralize radiation from cell phones, computers and harmful electromagnetic fields.

I do phone consultations for mental, emotional and some physical issues.

I educate parents, teachers, families about using natural therapies and products without side effects. I team up with other holistic practitioners so the education is expanded covering more therapies.


Know more about Adriana

Adriana will Graduate as N.D (Naturopath Doctor) in April 2017.

She has been working with Vibrational Medicine for 27 years and she is Certified with 4 Flower Essences systems from USA, Australia, Colombia and England. She was trained by Dr Rojas an M.D in Colombia.

Adriana is a Reiki Master, Tuning Forks certified Practitioner and Teacher.

Adriana studied with Gary Craig the Founder of the EFT system and has been a Practitioner for over 15 years.

She gives lectures and teaches seminars and classes about different subjects in English and Spanish.

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