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What can Ann do for you!

Ann can help you define your life and your work in the most positive way possible .. so people really know what you do and who you are. She will help you make a bold change, rest and recover from illness and become the very best version of yourself.

  • She can develop you to be the “leader” of your life.
  • She can help you be a GREAT LEADER in your work.
  • She can teach you the competencies needed to excel in these positions, e.g. compassion, perseverance, humility and more.
  • In your life, Ann can help you ReInvent … take risks, expand your repertoire of who you are. She will help you “stretch” to the ultimate place you deserve in your life.

And, if you are a corporation or business, in addition to coaching your executives, Ann can deliver:

  • Leadership development courses, such as:

* How to be a Catalyst for Change

* 7 ½ Steps to Transcend the Status Quo … and ReInvent Your Company Culture

* How to Adventure Through the Cancer Experience at Work

* How to Heal Distrust and Divisiveness in the Workplace

  • Keynotes at your annual meetings or professional meetings

More About Ann:

Ann has a background as a: clinical social worker, healthcare director, college professor, (at UT, NYU and Governors State University) executive/ leadership coach, an author (of 3 books) and a Mother.

For the last 20+ years, she has been a professional speaker, delivering keynotes and workshops at association conferences around the country and in corporate training rooms. Her topics are related to her specializations in Workplace Culture and Reinvention, Stress and Change Management, and The ReGeneration Process: How to Re-Energize, Re-Purpose and Re-Invent. She also speaks on How to Navigate Cancer and Major Illness in the Workplace (she is a cancer survivor and the Mother of a cancer survivor).

Additionally, she has worked as an executive coach to high level leaders in domestic and global corporations. Some of the companies she has coached in, include:

FedEx Ground, Genzyme, Ilex Oncology, KPMG, Markem-Imaje, TCEQ, W.P.Carey, McLane Company.

Ann brings her maturity (and sometimes immaturity), her sense of humor and her heart to bring you topics that touch, inspire and make you laugh.

When clients speak …. Ann listens. When Ann speaks, Clients Listen!


  • Executive coaching and corporate training and consulting. I work with individuals and companies when they are ready for significant change.

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