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President’s Duties

  • The President shall chair all meetings, appoint assistants to officers and appoint committees as needed.
  • Conduct weekly membership meetings.
  • Conduct monthly business meetings as well as any special business meeting that needs to be called.
  • Call and preside at all Executive Board meetings.
  • Appoint Committees and committee chairpersons and other Board positions as needed.

a. Membership Committee chairperson is appointed at the beginning of each term.
b. Parliamentarian is appointed at the beginning of each term.
c. Nominating Committee is formed by volunteers at the March and September business meetings.

  • Coordinate and/or delegate the furniture arrangements and menus for meetings.
  • Maintain a file of agendas, minutes, treasurers reports, and other correspondence during the term.

Vice President – Programs Duties

  • The Vice President shall chair all meetings in the absence of the President and assume responsibilities of the Program Chairperson.
  • Recruit outside Speakers and establish schedule. Send Speaker Profile Sheet for Speaker to complete and return. Confirm plans with speaker about a week in advance. Mail a copy of the NWABC Fact Sheet to speakers to help them know their audience.
  • Maintain schedule of Member Speakers and Take-10 Member Speakers.
  • Send Speaker schedule with Speaker’s name, business name & talk title to Web manager at least two months in advance (i.e. January & February schedule due in December of the previous year).
  • Introduce the speaker or program at each weekly meeting.
  • Coordinate planning of special events with the Membership Committee
    Chair meetings in the absence of the President.
  • The schedule for speakers is as follows:

a. 1st Wednesday—Spotlight Member Speaker.
b. 2nd Wednesday—Guest Speaker.
c. 3rd Wednesday—Business Meeting and Spotlight Member Speaker.
d. 4th Wednesday—Guest Speaker.
e. 5th Wednesday—Networking Activity.

Give the Secretary a list of the speakers and dates they spoke at the end of the term

Check to see that a table has been set for the weekly “showcase.”

Secretary Duties

  • The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, including notices of meeting to area newspapers. The secretary shall take minutes, and serve as historian of the Association.
  • Record minutes of all business meetings. Prepare and present copies to membership at the next business meeting.
  • Serve as club historian. Maintain permanent file of bylaws, corporate records, minutes, treasurer’s reports and other items as appropriate.
  • Be responsible for all correspondence including notice of meetings to area newspapers and welcome letters to new members of behalf of the President.

Treasurer’s Duties

  • The Treasurer shall collect money for meals and dues, compensate Speakers as needed, pay all bills and reimbursements, maintain petty cash fund. Treasurer also keeps the membership roster up to date and distributes guest sign-in sheets and new member data sheets.
  • Arrive early at the meeting to set up the check-in table and be ready for early arrivals.
  • Maintain a sign-in sheet and collect meeting money as people arrive. Have $20.00 cash on hand for change.
  • Pay the wait person before leaving the restaurant. Collect membership dues and data sheets from all new members and as information changes on existing members.
  • Collect information on guests and correct lunch fees and know to pro-rate dues at the end of the third month of each term.
  • Coordinate distribution of membership/guest information to the Data Base Manager, Ambassador, and Membership Committee Chairperson.
  • Make bank deposit and issue payment for club expenses once a week.
  • Provide information to bookkeeper, Terry Smalling, at least 2 weeks before each month’s business meeting in order for her to prepare the Treasurer’s report.
  • Present the Treasurer’s report for the monthly business meetings.
  • Recruit one or more helpers to assist at the sign-in table.
  • Check the post office box, as needed.

Co-Ambassadors Duties

  • The Ambassador shall greet guests at the meeting and send the guest letter to them.
  • Arrive early each week and stand near the entrance to greet members and guests upon arrival. Be friendly and encouraging

a. introduce guest, especially an unaccompanied one, to another NWABC member to help the guest feel welcome and to encourage networking. This keeps the Ambassador free to greet others at the door
b. explain the procedures for ordering lunch, the seating arrangement, and generally what goes on.
c. always explain how the dessert works

    • Direct guests to pick up a “Fact Sheet” and to place business cards on the guest section of the display table.
    • Maintain supply of member business cards for display each week. (Keep cards in the designated notebook and arrive early and stay late to lay out and put away the cards.)
    • Recruit an assistant to back-up on a weekly basis. (This changed somewhat with the adoption of Co-Ambassadors.) When an Ambassador will be absent, she needs to get someone to cover for her. There should be 2 Ambassadors, or a substitute in action at each meeting.
    • Send the guest letter to first-time visitors inviting them to come again.
    • Get volunteers from the membership to provide dessert for each meeting. Email the volunteer a week in advance, to remind that person to bring dessert to the meeting they are scheduled to do so.
    • Come up with wonderful ideas to make the group even better.
    • Co-Ambassadors should divide the duties between themselves in a way that works for them.

Membership Chair Duties

  • Be sure that guests and new members are welcomed into NWABC..
  • Prepare information packets for new members and present them when appropriate..
  • Purchase greeting cards when needed for illnesses, deaths, and other special occasions within the membership and their families..
  • Maintain the backup Database for NWABC. Joyce Michaels has been doing this..
  • Track attendance and, with the help of Membership Committee Members, contact members with excessive absences to see why they are not attending and to encourage them to return..
  • Call to remind members when dues are due and encourage them to renew. The Membership Committee members help with this..
  • Assist with party and event planning for NWABC with help of Membership Committee members..
  • Database manager, Lorraine Ayliffe has been producing the name tags and put them out at each meeting as well as sending meeting reminders each Sunday via Mailchimp.

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