What can Nancy do for you!

I provide a confidential, safe and comfortable setting for people who are experiencing unrest due to a conflicted situation.

*I was trained as a Mediator in 1987. Experiencing these 30 years in this empowering process has been a grand and

enlightening journey!

*Mediation is unlike the court system in every way, beginning with that it is based on win-win, both sides win and

are treated equally

*Being cost effective, my mediations are affordable, again compared to going through the courts.

*i offer the clients a quick turn around, giving them the opportunity for appointments within a few days, compared

to the courts that can take months.

* The definition of a mediator is a Third Party Neutral. This process is confidential meant only for those in the session.

*Attorneys are welcome. However more often than not, the parties can successfully talk through their differences

*I do not tell them what they should do, as is done in arbitration and the courts. Rather use the mediation

process to help guide them towards the resolution that they deem is right for them.

* I am open to mediating any kind of conflict

* i do many divorce mediations. I add a special step inviting the couple to discuss what their future in their new

roles as parents will be like. Even with no children, their future is important to discuss. This personalizes

the mediation.

* Cases I have done and do: Business conflicts of all kinds; office staff issues; real estate problems; unhappy customer

or merchant; family (this is a broad area covering many tense problems); friends; neighbors, victim/offender

where the willing victim meets with the offender. Also mediated a couple and he was Iraqi Vet who was

suffering from PTSD and more.

* It is important to know that I also do one on ones. This is available if the other party does not or will not come to

the table to mediate their differences. I highly recommend that when this happens that the initiating party comes

to talk about the situation to seek closure so to be able to move on.

* Also I offer Life Coaching to those carrying past history of which they wish to rid themselves.

* Arbitration to another option I can offer to process your differences. It differs from mediation. Should this appear to be

the option for you, please call me and we can discuss.

* There is much to learn and grasp about mediation. Yet the bottom line is: ‘If you have any sort of unrest,

which is usually related to a relationship of any kind, mediation can “heal” that for both of you.’

*When in a mediation, you leave in a better place than when you came in therefore left feeling empowered

* This process provides unexpected Peace for all concerned.

More about Nancy

*These 30 years have taught me that we all want to find Peace and when we find it our life changes from judgement

to acceptance and mediation offers that significant growth opportunity

*I’ve learned that we, generally speaking, have not learned the art of getting along with others. So we experience

unnecessary unrest that had we the proper tools, we would have experienced a more peaceful life

* A realization: We all have experiences that impact us in multiple ways, emotionally, mentally and definitely physically.

What to do? I have gleaned that these experiences can significantly affect us. They can negatively influence,

even alter who we are or meant to be, in these ways. So the realization: Do all we can to rid ourselves of any

lingerings from these painful and negative events that have or will happen. Carrying this ‘unfinished business’ serves

no purpose. Mediation offers that opportunity…talk it through and then be able to move on! Sometimes parties do not

believe a resolution is possible so live with the consequences. The uniqueness of mediation can bring about surprising answers.

* I love what I do and am most grateful to be of service to unhappy people with the use of mediation. They need that


* I’ve been made aware that Peace is often illusive so often many times people accept that unrest is the norm which is sad.

Mediation was designed to bring about peace.

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