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What can Joyce do for you!

Joyce offers stress relief and peace of mind by doing what you are not so good at or don’t want to do.  That gives you time to spend quality time with your family and friends and have fun or time to work to make the money to do whatever you want to do.

She can:

1.  Save them time by grocery shopping and taking care of dry cleaning
2.  Shop for other items
3.  Give peace of mind by waiting for repair or service persons
4.  Give peace of mind by taking care of pets, plants and house while they’re away
5.  Relieve stress by helping with event planning from start to finish or anywhere in between
6.  Assist businesses with short term temporary office help
7.  Design and make costumes
6.  Consider a person’s request for any service not listed; so long as it’s legal and moral (my definition)
7.  Deliver the best possible service at a reasonable price

More about Joyce:

My experience working in the registrar’s office at Baylor and as a former middle school teacher for 10 years, I know about dealing with people and their problems. I have been providing errand and concierge services to individuals and businesses in the greater Austin area since 1987.

I have over 25 years experience providing errand and concierge services to the greater Austin Texas area.

  • I  like to help people have a better quality of life by giving them exactly what they need plus a bit more when possible.
  • I listen very carefully to their needs in order to give them customized service.  After all, Custom is part of our name
  •  I am a good problem solver and help find solutions to  problems involving need, time and stress.
  •  Unusual requests are lots of fun and add variety to my business and my life.
  •  It gives me great joy when I know that my assistance has truly pleased someone.
  •  I truly like people and enjoy the friendships that I have established with many customers over the years.
  •  I love what I do and consider myself blessed to have helped others over all these years and look forward to continue doing so in the future.

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