January 24, 2018

Simple Steps to Make Your Home Healthier Guest Speaker Catherine O’Toole will talk¬† to us. After a very serious second cancer diagnosis Catherine started to investigate into who got cancer and why. It was during that research she came across the cancer causing chemicals that are in the everyday products we use to build,…


January 31, 2018

We will have a Fun, Informative, Group Networking Activity. More about this here, soon. Be sure to arrive by 11:30 to order your meal, meet and greet others, network, schedule one-on-ones, and snag some dessert. Yes, we are that dessert first group you’ve heard about. Joyce Michaels of Austin Custom Errands will provide the goodies…


February 7, 2018

Member Paul D’Spain of Goosehead Insurance, D’Spain Agency will speak. There will be more information here, soon. Plan to arrive by 11:30 to have time to network, schedule some one-on-ones with others. Please order your meal as soon as you arrive to help expedite service. We are a dessert first group, too… be sure to…